“Prowler” 4×4 – USIMF Kickstarter

US-IMG Kickstarter:  Due 31st July 2017:   (Follow us here: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/2097161002/created )

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GOT to get US armour…

We’ve been rather Infinity orientated for some time now, so it’s refreshing to finally get the “old” GOT vehicle lines back up and in production.

As we’ve now gotten most of our back-catalogue of vehicles on to the store we now want … Read More

GOT Vehicle Re-vamp

We have now disabled all 15mm and 28mm GOT Vehicles from the store.

These will not be available again until they are brought up too date in terms of model standards and moulding quality, some may not re-appear at all and other … Read More

Sushi-Bar WIP

Moving from this back in 2009:


sushi bar from 2009-1012

towards this in 2013:

sushi bar 1

sushi bar 2

sushi bar 3

sushi bar 4

sushi bar

We’re going to add a few more resin elements for the roof and then do the etchings for the MDF panels after which this will be nearly ready for moving into … Read More