New vehicles for Infinity

We have four new vehicles for Infinity the Game, now available on the online store:

Tucuxi Senna: Scenic version priced at £7.50p:
Original design ©Haishan Deng.
Painted by Tom Schadle

Tucuxi Senna AWI30006

The Senna now also has its official Scenery Profile:
Tucuxi Senna Extended AWI30006

The Tucuxi “Pushmi”, … Read More

Site Move and new staff

As part of the upgrade to the shopping cart the entire site and its supporting domains (wordpress and domains) will be moving over to a new  host in the next few days.

As with all domain changes this may have effects on … Read More

Website and Store Software Updates + move.

As some of you will have noticed we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the website and the backend-store. Whilst most of these issue were very minor, taken together they have made the shopping experience less than ideal and so we … Read More