Roc Kickstarter Paypal Pledges

Simply select and pay with Paypal. We will invite you to the Pledge Manager after the campaign is over, where you can add more items.

This option should only be used by those without a Credit Card who cannot pledge via Kickstarter … Read More

Kickstarter Scheduling

Hi everybody,
We thought it would be useful to keep a public track of our Kickstarter record; thus below is a listing of our various Kickstarters with pertinent data such as Survey period, production and dispatch dates and so on and so forth.… Read More

Fast Panda Production Update

With time moving on I thought it was pertinent to give you guys an update on my progress with the Fast Panda production process.

Mould Making

I have completed the prototyping stage, which means that all of the parts have been successfully cast … Read More