Habitat 3 Assembly Guide

Habitat 3 Guide:


Build the “bay Window” (Look for the “T” at the top of the side pieces to tell you which way up they go (“T” = top)


Attach Bay Window to Base


Add end-pieces as shown:3

Attach Side Pieces … Read More

Hab 10 – Quick Build

Habitat 10 is a very easy build and here is a very brief quick-build set of images:

1 2 3 4 5


We recommend not gluing in the sides pieces until you have fitted the interior resin parts – the resin parts are a very snug … Read More

Basic Habitat Construction (Habitat 1)

Basic Habitat Assembly:

A quick PIctorial assembly guide of the MDF parts of Habitat 1.


i) Always dust/brush the parts before handling and ensure that hands are clean

ii) If you intend to remove the doors and windows, either for attaching … Read More