New vehicles for Infinity

We have four new vehicles for Infinity the Game, now available on the online store:

Tucuxi Senna: Scenic version priced at £7.50p:
Original design ©Haishan Deng.
Painted by Tom Schadle

Tucuxi Senna AWI30006

The Senna now also has its official Scenery Profile:
Tucuxi Senna Extended AWI30006

The Tucuxi “Pushmi”, … Read More

IA SJX93 “City Hopper”

IA SJX93 City Hopper

The “City Hopper” now has its Scenery Profile for use within Infinity which are now shown on the “Extended” images for the product.

The City Hopper will be available for retail in January 2016, however many of you already have these via … Read More