Basic Habitat Construction (Habitat 1)

Basic Habitat Assembly:

A quick PIctorial assembly guide of the MDF parts of Habitat 1.


i) Always dust/brush the parts before handling and ensure that hands are clean

ii) If you intend to remove the doors and windows, either for attaching … Read More

GOT Vehicle Re-vamp

We have now disabled all 15mm and 28mm GOT Vehicles from the store.

These will not be available again until they are brought up too date in terms of model standards and moulding quality, some may not re-appear at all and other … Read More

June Releases

June Releases now on the store:

Painted by Tom Schadle

Advert-Screens by Mothman

“Anomala” (Scarab) Beetle Cars: 2 per pack £7.50p

Anomala Car AWI30023

Information Terminals: 2 per pack, with Photo Print screens and acrylic rod: £9.50p

Information terminals awi10028 1 Information terminals awi10028 2 Information terminals awi10028

SleepBox: 1 per pack with Photo print screens … Read More