Site Problems fixed

The IT company have fixed the issues with ordering: no orders placed since Tuesday 19th after 1630 hours will have gone through, your paypal or Credit Cards should not have been charged.

Any problems please contact us by email or telephone.

Apologies … Read More

Checkout and website issues

We’ve discovered some problems with the cart that we’ve passed over to the IT management firm to look at.

Essentially when the cart was put back online on Tuesday 5pm it looks like that it wasn’t!

Waiting for answers from the IT … Read More

NRF Infantry Green (WIP)

This is the latest series of shots of the NRF ( Novaya Rossiyskaya Federatsiya ) Infantry template figure for our G.O.T. range of figures.

There is a little bit of touching up on a couple of details but other than that the … Read More

Price increase after SALUTE 2011

Following SALUTE 2011 and the Monday stock-take there will be a general check on all prices, this will mostly affect AW products, however we will also be re-validating general store item prices in the following weeks also.

In most cases AW items … Read More

Shipping Delays prior & after SALUTE

SALUTE, Europe’s largest wargames show is his coming Saturday and as such we are extremely busy preparing for that show. This will mean that order dispatch will be slightly slower than normal through this week and into the start of next. There … Read More

28mm Quad Bike

First casts of a 28mm Quad Bike.

This will be available with a commercial license and is comprised of the main body,  4 wheels and two front forks and two rear forks.

The forks can be adjusted to vary height but are … Read More

Firefly WIPs

A couple of images of the Firefly 28mm flyer for G.O.T.

Still work to be done on detailing, painting guns, adding decals and fine-lining,  but these should give an overall impression of its final looks.



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Silflor price adjustments

We’ve adjusted Silflor/MinNatur prices … down ( yes, down), to bring them more into line with the correct European prices as part of our ongoing goal of forcing the UK distributor to start using proper prices and stop choking the market!  It … Read More