[G.O.T.] Commonwealth Zebu Cruiser

Initial WIPs of the the Commonwealth Zebu cruiser, manufactured by Tata-Dodge and used widely throughout the Commonwealth Habitats as well as by the Terminus Police as an armoured patrol vehicle.

[imagebrowser id=30]… Read More

G.O.T. turret WIPS

Here are a few WIP shots of our new Turret system for G.O.T.

What I wanted to do with these is produce a range of guns for common encounters, so Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Missile, Kinetic-HMGs and Dual Light-cannons.

These were all designed (with … Read More

6mm Snake Fence and 1mm Grass

Here is the prototype for some 6mm snake fence, i we intend to make a few different versions of this, broken rails, missing posts and similar. The pattern is a perfect replication so that the end of each section fits seamlessly onto … Read More

Paniers for Recon Bikes

A couple of  WIPS of the panier/back rest for the recon  bikes – this will be an extra part and will fit either the single-seater or two-seater version on the rear of the bike, leaving space for the jet-exhaust still to work … Read More

Electrical Outage – Shop Closed

There is some ongoing major electrical work taking place on the business-park where the workshop is located and this is resulting in electrical outages. As such we’ve closed the physical workshop for today, although this should not affect the website in anyway.… Read More

Fredericus Rex Grass Tufts now in store

We are now stocking another set of grass-tufts made by Fredericus Rex from Germany.

These tufts are different to Silflor/MiniNatur in that they use more “traditional” colours of static-grass closer to those often used by wargamers and model-railway enthusiasts… that being the … Read More

Free-Postage: update in progress

Jed is working on refining the Free-postage system over this weekend… This should rectify any errors with products that are our own-brand (such as bases) not being recognised by the cart.

He is also going to change the system to the following:… Read More