Vampire Rider

We now have the “proper” rider for the Vampire Grav-Bike, which I’d like to show everyone although it wont be available until possibly SALUTE.

Before we get to the pictures though I just wanted to say something about the Vampire bike: Yes, … Read More

Recon-Squad Jet-Bike

This is the first miniature in what will become the Recon-squad (pack).

The final pack will consist of four figures on three bikes, the one shown here, another solo rider on the “Norton Scout”, and then the “Norton-Commando” bike which i the … Read More

Concrete Slabs

We’ve re-introduced the concrete slabs that we used to use for making our range of Sci-Fi fortifications.

These are now cast in resin, but with all the detail and characters of the original plaster-cast slabs. The pack has 35 slabs in it, … Read More

Bear Status

The new wheels for the Bear are now here, prototypes done and ready to be moulded, those will be done this weekend and higher production rates should then start from the middle of next week.

In the meantime the Bear will only … Read More

Nova-Rus Extra-Heavy Concepts

Hi all,

Here’s another concept sketch of the Nova-Rus Extra-Heavy soldier, now with some of the weapons shown, including the Grenade launcher, mini-gun, flamer and coilgun.

WIP on Hvy Weapons

Here are the Exo-Atmosphere troopers, whilst generally looked at as Heavy Infantry … Read More

Free-Post Extended!

Our Free-Postage offer to  account-holders has been extremly popular so it is going to be extended again until April 23rd, which is the time of the SALUTE show in London.

As a re-cap:

1) You need an account with us (Sign-up now, … Read More