We’re Open!

Finally, after much grief and technical issue – we’re open!

Now, hopefully, things will work… and in the meantime we are going to trot off and go start ordering stock!… Read More

Oops! Tuesday opening….

Well that didn’t go quite according to plan….

The store is unlikely to open now until tomorrow due to a technical fault that needs fixing by a coder.

Which turned out to be a good thing as Nadine updated the stock onto … Read More


This is how bad our Internet connection currently is – obviously please bear with us as this is causing us extreme difficulty even contacting our own website and orders, updates, postage prices and so forth.

BT Engineer is arriving “today”, we hope.… Read More

Internet Connection Problems

We’re experiencing a lot of difficulties connecting to the Internet at both sites: BT engineers are coming to tests lines (and whatever else they do) on Monday, but at the moment we are operating on/@ 6k… so about half the speed of … Read More

GOT Secure Crates

We’ve shown pictures of these GOT secure crates before, but a few folks asked for them to be be pictured with a figure alongside them to give a better idea of scale.

So, here we are: the famous G.O.T. secure crate, nearly … Read More